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Brazen Fox Review


Brazen Fox 2/2/2017

Weather: 40 degrees ish, nice out. Sunny… but still a bit chilly

Brazen Burger x

Bone Marrow Burger x2

Bison Burger x2

Cutting was a bit hassle yo. I hate doing the line shit

McKenzie’s .. black cherry cider beer thing was sweeeeeeeeet. Sugar power. So g00d

Mixed berry sangria was very sweet, basically juice.

Breckenridge vanilla porter. Very good. subtle vanilla.


Meat: 3.75 bone marrow shit was on point yo. They kinda melted. Seriously. Lol the burger flavor was not like daunting, and other flavor did not cover the shit

Prep: 3 inconsistent. Bone marrow had too much butter, and the bison was a bit dry. They were decent and great, but did not worth 4. Not super crazy about. And the fucking english muffin on the bison burger was bad. The burgers were getting bit soggy afterwards.

Bun: 2.5 The but seemed to be at the right size, but then the top bun was fuckin massive as shit. We don’t order burgers for the bread you know? The fuck. Thick as shit

Add-Ons: 3 Pleasing, but there was none of the aroma. Like wtf, didnt smell like burger, it just smelled like french fries and salad, but like, the burger itself didn’t smell nice. They kinda became soggy. The onion was fuckin irritating. The balance/selection was not too good. The onion was distracting, and too much lettuce for the first one lol

Presentation: 2.5 The burger was served like any other burgers at any other burger spots… Like, very typical. Boring y0. Dafuq.

Overall: 2.95 lol

Special thanks to: Big T, Baby J, Super D for coming y0. This was a fun meeting lol 6 people. Kinda fun.


6/6 would return – but maybe not order burger next time. The bar experience was pretty good, and they had like $ oyster, and the spot ambience was not bad at all.

Don’t you think Pickel would be a good name for a dog? (baby D)


Okay, so like, itd be ~$27 per head, including 18% tip. The burgers were fucking like, on average like $17 ish. The beer was like 7. So… uh.. Makes sense.

The bone marrow burger was $19 // Brazen was like 14, Bison was like $15. S’all g00d.

So the total was like $143.72. Two burgers of each, 3 Mckenzie’s, 2 sangria, and breckenridge. With tip, like $169. For 6 people


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