Ignorance and Racism

Go back to your Country.

said the big black boy.

Go back to Africa.

said the Asian boy.

The Asian boy wasn’t remotely angry, but the big black boy flipped the fuck out.

Why is this?


I guess the other post on “black people” kinda reminded me of this incident back when I was in 6th? grade, something like that. I was having a conversation with my coworker, Baby D (LOL – I hate calling her this), about my early immigration days; as an educator, I thought her opinion on my behaviors back then seemed to be insightful.

So like, I was talking with my fellow Korean friends in our language (because speaking in 2nd language is inefficient method of communication), and our conversation got pretty heated I think, and we became loud.

So this big black boy, let’s call him Tigger, casually comes up to us and speaks to us.

“Speak English. This is America.”

… Well, we were pretty intimidated, but as the Alpha of the group, I had to argue back! Fuck this kid. How dare this guy? This fucker doesn’t even know the multiplication table.

“Mind your own business”

Tigger goes, “go back to China and Ching Chong over there. This is America.”

“We are not Chinese. We are Koreans.”

Tigger replies, “Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, same shit!”

I dunno exactly what his problem was, but now that I think of it, he was 12. Kids are fucking morons (although I wasn’t, hopefully).

So then I told him, “Go back to Africa”.

Tigger got really frustrated and said he’s not from Africa, he’s Jamaican, and … probably cursed me out and shit. I don’t remember what he said. But I remember what I said.

“Jamaicans, Africans, same shit. All black, too”

I don’t remember what happened after, but I think I was, literally, saved by the bell probably – he was big.


So then this brings us back to the conversation with my insightful coworker – Baby D.

She comments, “Well… I am sure that he learned something out of that – not all Asians are the same, and everyone should respect other cultures and learn to become more aware of how others feel. Did you learn something out of that?”


“Yeah. Ever since then, I hated black people”

… “Oh, fuck you. You’re so offensive.”

… of course, I learned that this wasn’t true. I also learned that not all black people were same, and mentioning where people came from might be offensive. I mean, I did not know how to describe how it felt, but I guess it was something like this: “I hate ignorance”.

I try to live by that nowadays. I try not to say things relevant to race, religion, or all the other shit that can even be mildly be offensive. 2017 is hard.

People always be like, “did you just assume my !@#$%?”



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