fire in the hole

Have you suffered from eating things so spicy that your poohole was abused?

So my friend domibear and I are visiting a good friend that left us because she got sick of nyc. We arrive at the airport, and do a little happy dance, and head out to a some wing spot called winking lizard.

They have different level of spiciness, which works very much like Buffalo Wild Wings. I asked to try their third hottest sauce, The waiter was like wow, really? I would never touch that.

As a proud Korean that can take spicy stuff, I was like, hah, pathetic Americans.

The sauce was called 911. But honestly, it was just salty. Was spicy, but not upto my level.

So I get their hottest sauce – “fire in the hole”

I got 10 pieces, and finished them while panting. It got me sweating quite a bit, but it was manageable.


But the next day, inevitably, fire in the hole. Not only that, my urine was like pepper-boiled tea. Shit sucked. It was so eventful that I decided to give myself the codename ‘firepoo’ during laser tag mission that afternoon.

Uh, moral of the story – with great power comes great consequences. I guess my body can no longer do spicy stuff. I’m disappointed in my lack of Korean power.


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