on the moment

I am writing blog on time. Get it? On Time. Alright. Sorry for that, I kinda picked it up from my good friend, who is awesome at puns, but people think he’s lame. I highly value his talent, though.

Anyway, I might get shit for writing things on time, or on people aging, when I am still in my mid twenties. But before you judge anything on what I am about to say, let’s take how old I am, how old you are, or however old anyone is out of context.

Yeah, I probably don’t have it has hard as those in late 20s or early 30s do. Let’s not get carried away – I am not trying to say those in 20s have it good, or 30s have it bad. I am simply saying that aging sucks. Let’s just embrace the fact that we all agree to this.

Until couple of years ago, I thought that aging is a natural thing and as time pass by, you just simply grow old, but I started noticing that my skin wouldn’t recover as quickly as it did before. Since I no longer retain that superb metabolism, everything I eat just becomes part of me. My body understands that I no longer need that extra nutrition for growth & bones, so they just park that shit in my belly. Well, fuck you, too, body.

I envy those students who are still under parent guardianship who aren’t really worrying about responsibilities yet. Now that I make some sort of income, I would spend time at fancy restaurants and sip whiskey but they don’t really get me excited nor happy as I expect. Sometimes, I’d think drinking is boring, and occasionally, I wonder when I’d get home because I would love to jump into my bed and pass the fuck out. I no longer can stay awake for more than 12 hours anymore.

When I was uhh… younger (I understand that I am still young), my good friend and I would spend all our allowances on cheap eats and shitty alcohol and be greeted by early morning sunshine, laughing our asses off on the street doing stupid shit, enjoying the moment.

Enjoying moments became difficult, or rather; I have less opportunity for those moments. Acting like an adult, trying to become someone’s role model, or being responsible sucks. But on the inside, I still want to be a little kid and act like a dickhead and just fuck around. I still kinda am a douchebag, but I am aware of what I am doing.

I dunno, the trip to Ohio was fun and exciting, seeing my good friend and all, but for some odd reason, it got me thinking. Maybe this is why my father would always tell me to get away from where I live for a bit and just try to learn something. I didn’t quit expect to find something different in Ohio, but I guess I did – in the early morning, within the foggy backyard of my friend, accompanied by two silly dogs, who are clearly enjoying moment.


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