on saying shit 2

So, I am a guy (which explains why I like talking about dicks, or does it not?) and I have not been able to get a haircut for a while since my hairstylist (I only get it done by her) and I are both super busy and couldn’t schedule one. I think it’s been 4 months or so.

Anyway, as my hair grew out, I’ve been receiving plenty of comments.

Yo mista, your hair is so long! (no shit, you’re very observant)

Mister, I like your hair long!

Hey, you’re hair grew so much. Are you trying a new style?

Hey, are you getting a new haircut soon? Don’t people grow them out really long so they can do whatever with it?

I miss your other hair. You looked more neat. Now, you look more aggressive (idk wtf this one is about)

These comments were all flattering, neutral, and show that these people were actually thinking, and used their understanding of haircut to get a conversation going. They were from my students or coworkers.

But like, fucking Koreans man. Sometimes, I can’t stand my Korean friends pulling this shit, in a negative way. They leave comments, not because those comments mean something, but just for the fuck of it. No reason behind.

Yo you need a haircut (I know)

You should get a haircut (You should buy new clothes)

What’s wrong with your hair? (seriously, what about your face tho?)

Why aren’t you cutting your hair? (Why are you unemployed?)


But then come to think of it, do I really need a haircut? Should I get a haircut? The answer is totally upto me. Like, who the fuck are these idiots to judge my hair? I also didn’t like their face, maybe they should get plastic surgeries like all Koreans do, right? I wouldn’t go around saying that shit to people because I think something is wrong with their hair.

Like, what if I’ve been getting my haircut done by close aunt for my entire life and suddenly she died and I don’t want to get a haircut because I feel sentimental about growing my hair now? What if I saw some video clip supporting cancer patients? What if my friend had some scalp surgery and needs hair? I mean, none of these are true but WHAT IF IT WAS?

The fuck man. But what sucks the most is that, I am probably offending people here and there as well. I really hope that’s not the case, though.


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