Burger Reviews

Big Daddy’s

3/2/2017 – Big Daddy’s


Meat: 2.5 – greaser than it needed it to be. Nice taste (?). The meat also was a bit too dry. Size was great.


Prep: 3.25 The bun quality was almost perfect. One of the better ones compared to all other burgers. It seems that potato bread is our favorite – not dense, quite sweet, not big enough, and also soft enough.


Bun 3.25 – Okay, this would’ve hit 3.5 or 4, but then the patty melt had bread that was just way too fuckin big to eat lol. So… effectively highly 3, but then add in the patty melt, 3.25.


Add-Ons 3.5 – I think this one really varied depending on the burger. The patty melt received 4 throughout the categories for the add-ons, received 3.5 for the Big Daddy, approximately 2.5s for real mac coy. The problem with real mac coy was that, the mac and cheese was way too dry, and had too much creamy flavor too the burger. The Mac Sliders received 3.5s on the add-ons. On average, 3.5. But scores may vary depending on your burger.


Presentation – 3.5 Overall, the presentations were awesome, although we’d have to make exception here – the food looked exotic. Like, seriously, Mac and Cheese burger! Holy shit. There also was like tater tot burger, which also looked awesome. People were generally happy with the way their food looked.


Overall 3.2


5/5 – return for all different reasons. The food portion is enormous. The shake is also great…

I think the score here is like… highly inflated – because people chose their own and some people really liked their burgers and some didn’t.


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