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Jack’s Sliders and Sushi Review

Jack’s Sliders and Sushi 2/15/2017

Weather: great when we walked in, but it started to rain when we walked out 😦 wasn’t bad, still


We ordered… Kimchi slider, 5 jack’s slider, 2 crunchy curry slider, salmon slider, and 5 orion (can beers). In total, it was 94.72.


Meat – 3 – meat might’ve felt like overcooked, and it was difficult to taste bacon from Jack’s sliders. The size was also just alright, nothing amazing. The quality did not seem great, though. Didn’t really feel “great” to the mouth feel.


Prep – 2.5 – salmon seemed unseasoned 😦 the materials within the burger also did not seem as fresh as it should’ve been, and the


Addon – 3 – onion/pepper was too strong – felt like even the spice from the first bite lasted until even after we were done eating and were just having conversations.


Bun – 3 – bun was too big of a size compared to rest of the proportion, but then the bun was chewy! But the size was still too big. Kinda killed the meat weight.


Presentation – 3 – meh. Didn’t look special. The burgers altogether did look nice, but like, … id not make us want to dive into the burgers.


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