Burger Reviews

Paul’s Da Burger Joint Review

Paul’s Da Burger Joint 2/8/17



Orders: Chil burger, Pizza burger, Texas burger (egg? Wtf is this shit), El Paso (Jalapeno & Cheddar), Cheese Burger.


Lettuce & tomato available upon ordering a deluxe.


Meat: 3. Probably some cheap supermarket bought ground beef for the patty and shit, but it was still awesome – the meat was not pretending to be high quality, it was served as it was ready, and it tasted honestly decent.


Preparation: 2.5 Okay, so there was a great argument between Danielle and myself. The burger was really satisfying – the bun was thin as shit, but at the same time, we all knew it was from supermarket, without any special preparation (probably). But still, it was great lol. But then, following the guideline of the rubric, it does not turn out to be so well.


Bun: 3.5 Okay, we have argument here, too. The bun was THIN !!!!! We all know it was supermarket bought. Whatever. Who gives a shit. If the bun size was any better than this, the meal would become steak. Fuck yeah. But then, some others also thought it was adequately proportionate – so… settle for 3.5


Add-Ons: 2.5 Okay, they don’t really add anything. There are many options, but I think the add-ons were not really .. fresh I think. Lol The jalapeno was not spicy, and uhh… there were warm pickles on the table ready for us.


Presentation: 2.5 It depends on the burgers ordered I think. The chili burger looked pretty good. Others were just like meh, looks good? Kinda feeling?


Overall: 2.8


Would you return here?

Many of us said we’d return here when drunk lol. Or even to fill up, after a dinner that was not quite satisfying. I would actually come back here. I’d pick this place any day over McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurants. Similar price, sells beer, fills you up just as much!



We like how non-pretentious this place was. The burgers were not like, hey look at us, we are premium A.F. burgers, eat me, pay me $15 for a burger. But here, it was like, yo what’s up, kid? Feeling for some nice burgers? Eat me.


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